Employer of record for your company




Provide an excellent onboarding experience for your remote team members when they start their employment with you. Make them feel supported with an employment contract that meets local standards and valued with a local benefits package that is both attractive and relevant to where they live.

Compliant employment contracts for international remote employees.

Whether it's a new hire or an existing contractor or employee, we can provide you with a regionally compliant employment contract that best fits your existing policies.

International HR support

Everway checks your HR and management processes against our global database. Our international team of experts is available to assist you if you are unsure of your compliance with local labour laws, standards and regulations.


Everway helps you communicate your company's probation policies to remote employees. We can also advise you on international probationary periods, policies and procedures to ensure you remain compliant.

Fast and compliant hiring

Fast and compliant hiring

Complete the hiring process in just a few days.

Competent legal team

Competent legal team

Get answers to specific legal questions in as little as four days.

Unwavering customer service

Unwavering customer service

Find a quick solution for you and your team within 72 hours.

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