Who is EverWay, recruitment expert?

Who are we ?

Everway is the synthesis of three essential elements : Expertise, availibility and tenacity. Our goal is crystal clear : to rise together with the implementation of made to measure solution drawn to the benefits of our clients.

Our perspective is a Triptych of promisses : gain of time and money, release from every complications that might come up in a project and the regain of control on your own duties and in the projects you have to handle.

Our expertise


Wether it is for manpower providing for a temporary duration, wether it is for a long term recruitment, issues are always the same. You do not want lose time trying to identify the perfect candidate and get wrong in your recruitment which is an obvious loss of time and money.

Everway is here to help you defined the position and the job’s description, find you three suitables candidates where you only need to pick your favourite one and feel confortable in your own process of recruitment.

In fine, recruitment is never a general process, it is always a question of context, of values that drive your company and the expertise of any candidate has always to be thought correlatively to the soft skills.

Sector of expertise : IT, Telecommunication, Healthcare and researches, Oil and gas, railway, power, grid and construction

International mobility

Sending your employees overseas has never been so easy. Everway has offices in France and in Morocco for PEO and EOR solution.

We use our partner offices in Africa, Oceania, North and south America to provide : local employment, drawing up of contract, work permits and work autorisation, legal advices before and during the assignment, the full payroll processing as well as an HR follow-up of every of your employees.


We all know that sometimes, we face issues in our own career, in our business or in our capacity to lead and manage people.

Everway is here to follow you and gives you the keys to act with leadership what ever might be your position in the company. We also solve any issues of communication that might comes up. We can help you to sell better and to sell more etc.

Any issues that happen in the company or in a specific department, wether it would be for one employee or several employees, we can always find some keys of action to solve any impediment.

Our philosophy

We are commited to our client, in this exchange of solving problematics and create a new world paragdim based on the mutual assistance and contribution. Our philosophy is always based on a win win situation where both parties earn something.

Everything is a question of perspective, where you will see an issue, we will see a situation to be solved. Flexibility, adaptation are our key behavior words to ease you in your job and in your daily processes. We are not only here to bring you a premade solution which will be a partial answer to your problematics. We are here to design a solution as a partner in your activities, which will perfectly fit to your issue and solve it.

We know that a general solution will never fit and it always has to be specific and the result of a real exchange based on trust and reciprocity. If you simplify your HR issues, you simplify your daily work and all theses problematic become irrelevants. As a consequence, you can use this new free time to be commited to what really matters in your job.

Efficiency is always a question of focus and if you do not have to force yourself to be commited in tasks that reduce your efficiency, then you will perform well as you will taste again freedom in any parts of your activity.

As Kropotkine used to say :

My own freedom spread the others’s freedom endlessly.

Freedom is part of self-esteem and hapiness. Why wouldn’t you let us be part of this process of to bring you a breath of freedom ?

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