Recruitment audit for your company


In all companies, one of the roles of Human Resources is to manage the legal and conventional obligations related to personnel.

The creation of a company, the recruitment of the first employees, the crossing of staffing thresholds, new laws and ordinances...

These are all situations that put the company director at risk of HR non-compliance with the spectre of a surprise visit from the labour inspector or a dispute with one of your employees at the Labour Court.

How to limit the risks of HR non-compliance? How to identify them? What are the risks? How can I make my company compliant from an HR obligations point of view?

  • Mandatory posting and documents to be posted or held by the company
  • Risk management, health and safety at work
  • Organisation of working time and employment contracts (classification and remuneration)
  • Staff representation (election of the CSE) and compulsory negotiations.
  • Professional training
  • Compulsory HR interviews (professional interviews, fixed day interview, etc.)
  • Payroll compliance, including social declarations, mandatory taxes, compliance with internal rules (expense accounts, business travel, benefits)
  • Personal data protection regulations (RGPD), including the archiving and retention of personnel files

Then, depending on the number of employees, it is mandatory or highly recommended to proceed with the compliance of your social obligations.

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